Before I went home to London I was super excited to go shopping, when I actually got home it was the last thing I wanted to do or really had any time for! I did however get the chance for a mad dash around my favourite vintage store Beyond Retro... I was pleased to find that nothing's changed since I left and the place is still full of hidden gems. Whenever I'm in vintage shops I find myself racing around rummaging through the rails like I'm on a mission to find a diamond in the rough... without really even knowing what I'm searching for! However I always find myself drawn to certain items with a real sense of achievement like I've found 'THE ONE'. 

This trip I was pretty happy with my new find, this printed batik style skirt. Now I'm on a search for some printed tops to pair it up with so I can really mix things up with the bold prints. 

Skirt | Beyond Retro, London

Top | Urban Outfitters

Hat | H&M

Bag | Mulberry