Hong Kong is an absolute melting pot of international influences and style. I love people watching and I find the street style here so intriguing. Hong Kong is full of fashionistas, whether it's a uniformed army of fashion followers desperate to keep up with the latest trend or be the first to sport the newest 'must have' accessory, or those that are breaking down the boundaries with their wacky and wonderful ways.

For me, fashion is a way to express yourself. I've never really bought into trends, I try to invest in statement pieces and then work around that with basics that will compliment. One downside to this is that you might not want to wear something so unique that often, however my rule is that things never go out of fashion, trends simply come back around, garments can easily be reworked or styled differently to give a totally different look. 

When I'm taking street style photo's I like to photograph people that look like they're having fun with what they are wearing, I like to hear their stories and get a feel for their take on Hong Kong fashion!